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Vehicle Fleet Safety

If you are running for example non-DOT vehicles as part of your operations for say, perhaps parts delivery, do you have an effective fleet management program in place that helps manage associated risk? For example, how do you screen prospective drivers, have you implemented written and documented aspects such as driver training, accident response and investigation procedures, vehicle pre-trip inspections and driver rules? Ask us how we can assist with program development and implementation and for an audit of your current system.

Hot Work and Fire Safety

Because under certain conditions the use of open flame in the workplace can be hazardous, when it occurs during non-standard operations, implementation of a Hot Work program makes perfect sense. For example, if equipment repair includes use of a welding torch, then the permit process would be used. In general, elements of the Hot Work permit program include steps taken to reduce fire hazard; a review and authorization process; the actual printed permit/checklist; availability and use of fire suppression equipment; exclusion areas and/or conditions; instructions and training. See: OSHA’s 29 CFR 1910.252. While OSHA’s intent is the protection of employees, am effective hot work program works to protect property and equipment as well.

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