Assessing EHS Management System Performance

A curious artifact of EHS (environmental, health and safety) management system administration is how often organizations fail to fully comprehend or appreciate EHS function. Too often it is treated like a necessary but little-understood “black box.” And this may include the person(s) tasked with directly administering the EHS program. Where else in business is a department viewed or treated with sometimes begrudging acceptance of less-than-desired performance? Over-and-over, we hear concerns and complaints that company EHS program administration has failed to take root; that lack of adherence to company and/or regulatory requirements is an on-going problem.  It comes down to an administrative failure; if compliance is lacking, then methods employed are likely faulty. If your company accounting department consistently failed to balance the books, would you accept that? If your product was continually below standard, would that signal success? And yet companies often accept less than top-notch performance and product in the EHS realm. A gap analysis can identify problematic areas. So consider our assistance; we can at least highlight areas in need of improvement and suggest means to do so.

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