Be Prepared

Your work location should include access to basic medical assistance. If the worksite is remote, then OSHA generally requires on-site medical professional(s). Refer to OSHA particulars for your business and work locations. For most of us however, we work in in or near populated areas with ready access to emergency medical assistance. Provisions by the employer typically include the selection of a preferred medical provider for assessing and treating occupational injuries and illnesses. On site first aid supplies are a must and the resource should be maintained and ready. Having site employees trained in basic first aid and CPR (cardio pulmonary resuscitation) is a beneficial. Also, the installation of workplace AEDs (automatic electronic defibrillators) to treat certain kinds of heart attacks is becoming more common. These devices are user friend and foolproof. Assess your work environment and determine what sorts of workplace safety assets you should have in place.

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