EHS Management Systems

We have discussed the benefits of formalized EHS (environmental, health & safety) management systems previously. The prevailing environmental management system is the ISO 14001 EMS. The prevailing international occupational health and safety management system is the OHSAS 18001. There is also the OSHA Z10 which is recognized only in the USA. Any of these will work for you but it depends upon your needs. Often, the need for certifiable management systems comes at the urging if not request of your business partners. For example, if you are a supplier to an international company that already has ISO 14001 in place and/or OHSAS 18001, adopting these systems may be one of their requirements for doing business with them. The benefits of a formal EMS or occupational health and safety MS are many. A few include being more effective in your management of risk and regulatory requirements to achieving industry and consumer recognition for your methods.

Fear not, because despite the common apprehension of adopting a “new” way of managing your risks, most companies find that they are already doing probably 90 percent of what these formal management systems require. On short, they are time-tested, efficient and effective real-world applications that make sense to implement regardless your industry requirements.  Ask Safety and Environmental Help how we may assist with analysis of your needs and with preparing a formal management system for you.

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