Environmental, Health and Safety – Value Added

If your company has not had the best success meeting environmental, health and safety (EHS) goals and objectives, and/or has had difficulty keeping EHS professionals, it is likely time review your methods. The long and short of it is that we repeatedly find that companies tend to undervalue and under-appreciate the role of the EHS professional. Alternatively, a company may have focused on the EHS role with a hefty wish list of duties and responsibilities but fails to offer attractive compensation.  Without competent EHS personnel who in turn are visibly and consistently supported by corporate leadership, efforts in that important aspect of your business may easily flounder.

One reality check is to examine your company web site and see how well you present EHS goals and objectives. Some companies fail to even mention the value of a safe and health workforce or staying compliant with environmental regulations.  If your company values page fails to mention those aspects, you may have to do some corporate rethinking to adjust to a more realistic and frankly, competitive mindset.

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