Environmental, Health & Safety Management (EHS) Systems

If your EHS systems are not functioning optimally, then the organization faces difficulties. Over and over we find the same gaps and drivers. In brief they are:

  1. Lack of sufficient and effective resources to successfully manage EHS programs.
  2. The framework is there but the organization lacks effective and qualified EHS leadership;
  3. Competing goals and objectives hamper and dilute EHS management system success.

Sometimes, obvious indicators of system malfunction such as higher than expected injury rates or perhaps pollution problems stem not from what the obvious but systemic issues with the organization. That’s not particularly happy news to company leadership when they want a specific fix to where they think the problem is but it is a common reality; when EHS programs falter, it’s usually due to system culture and/or leadership gaps. That being said, we can most often fix the focus problems but administration of program elements must be recognized as a companion item due apt attention.


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