Fire Safety and Life Safety Systems

As we survey commercial and industrial operations, we find common errors in fire safety and life safety systems. In brief, they are:

  1. failure to have fire safety equipment inspected annually by an inspection service;
  2. lack of or improperly placed fire extinguishers such as those on the floor and not mounted,, and a lack of signage to indicate the presence of a fire extinguisher;
  3. Deficient or missing employee training for fire safety and/or fire extinguishers;
  4. Obstruction of ceiling fire sprinkler heads with stacked goods;
  5. lack of dedicated fire sprinkler systems in flammable storage areas;
  6. lack of in-house inspection and testing of life safety system equipment such as emergency lighting.

These are just a few common errors and omissions regarding fire safety. Conduct regular self-inspections of your workplace to ensure that you are managing exposures and life safety equipment properly.

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