Fit For Duty

More thoughts on Fitness for Duty.

As an employer, how well do you determine employee fitness for duty? Fit for duty means are they healthy enough to do their job without adding risk to themselves or others. Are they physically and mentally prepared for their assigned job and tasks? There are both regulatory requirements as well as legal limitations that dictate how much information and of what sort you as an employer may ask of a prospective employee. However, certain occupations – especially those regulated by the government such as CDL vehicle driver – require health and medical history assessment. For example, for a prospective or current CDL driver, failure to meet medical screening acceptance criteria usually results in restriction or even prohibition from commercial driving. In other occupations, pre-existing medical conditions can be problematic too. Fitness for duty is also a daily consideration; if an employee is not capable of functioning at necessary physical and metal levels to do a job safely, they shouldn’t until such time that they are deemed fit.

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