Gap Analysis Consulting

Assess environmental and/or occupational health and safety compliance, and pinpoint needs. Determine ISO 14001 certification readiness; determine OHSAS 18001 certification readiness; determine R2 recycling certification readiness.

Initial to developing either corrective actions or planning to implement improved or new programs and procedures, an assessment of present conditions is vital. As such, it’s better to know your compliance history to help gauge how best to implement an improvement trajectory. So you need to know where you have been to help predict where you may be heading! The ability of an organization to modify and change somewhat depends upon understanding of how your systems have performed over time. While an obvious component of determining fiscal health, the same methods of inquiry apply to the realms of occupational health and safety (OHS) and environmental management systems. Key to our assistance is gathering information about your applicable management systems, your company culture and past performance. This information helps with the development of improvement strategies. Of course, information is only as good as the data and ability to interpret and convert data into meaningful information. That foundation provides the development of resources such as policy and procedure. Coupled with this are the goals and objectives of the organization, be they improved compliance, reduced risk, the addition of a management system certification or some other priority.

We provide the scope and level of assessment that fits your needs. As with any service we provide, what comes first is a meeting with key stakeholders to identify your needs and desires. Our gap analysis methods include:

  • Review of existing company policy and procedure.Assessment of past performance and historical records.
  • Comparison of company programs and procedures against regulatory and/or industry and/or third-party performance standards.
  • Interviews of key and affected stakeholders.
  • Field observations of processes and operations, and the interaction of personnel, contractors and others with the applicable processes.

A completed gap analysis includes presentation of findings and as desired, recommendations. Beyond that, we can help you develop and implement procedures, identify regulatory requirements and regulatory-driven reporting, implement employee training and other programs, and other administrative tools. We can couple a gap analysis with other services as you desire. The duration of an on-site gap analysis varies but typically lasts from 1 to 3 days – including opening and closing conferences. Please request a gap analysis quote from us today.

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