Managing Hazardous Waste

If you produce, handle, store, treat or transport hazardous waste, you need a permit except in very limited cases where a generator of hazardous waste is exempt. In some cases, there are different requirements for those who recycle wastes or manage universal wastes. Without going into detail here about requirements, in general, here are problem areas that we fairly consistently observe regarding hazardous waste management:

  • failure to keep storage containers closed;
  • lack of or inaccurate labeling of hazardous waste containers;
  • exceeding storage time allowed for hazardous waste;
  • co-mingling hazardous and non-hazardous wastes;
  • lack of or inadequate recordkeeping.

There are other and sometimes more serious violations such as improper disposal and/or treatment of hazardous waste. Know your responsibilities under the regulations.  Ask us to assess your processes and help you improve and streamline your environmental management system.

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