MSHA Compliance Consulting

Review your programs and documentation, training programs, and recordkeeping. Assess workplace exposures, and conduct industrial hygiene investigations as required; assess explosives handing and storage.

Federal Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) rules are related to the working conditions at surface and underground quarries and/or mines operated in the United States. While OSHA administers workplace safety rules and regulations for a wide range of workplace environments from the office environment to shipbuilding, MSHA’s purview is that of the generally high hazard mining industry. Specific to mining, MSHA has a regular presence in the workplace and inspects with great frequency. Consequently, with a periodic and regular presence in the workplace, MSHA is more visible in that sector relative to the general presence of OSHA across a wide range of industries that those regulations cover. It is fair to say that in general, the more regular MSHA presence in the workplace inevitably leads to a higher frequency of cited violations than with their OSHA counterparts. It is recommended practice to engage third-party assessment of mining sites to preemptively identify potential occupational health and safety deficits or omissions.

Some aspects regulated by MSHA include: Equipment safety and maintenance; aspects of construction; signage and warning labels; the storage, handling and use of explosives; mine safety protocols; medical monitoring; employee training; transportation; recordkeeping and more. Let us assess your operations and suggest prescriptive remedies as needed. Please ask us how we may help.

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