Operating Man Lifts

While OSHA does not require fall protection PPE for the in-basket operator of a vertical scissor lift, it is required in the basket of a boom lift. But far too often in-basket operators of boom lifts fail to use fall protection PPE or tie off to approved and engineered attachment points.

Another problem is operators using a boom lift as if it were a crane and hoisting materials with the basket.  If it does not fit in the basket or the load exceeds the rated capacity of the lift, don’t put it in the basket and never hoist materials dangling over the side of a basket! Another no-no: don’t tie off the boom and/or basket to another object. Remember to read, understand and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for inspection, maintenance and operation of the equipment.

Regarding boom lifts, we also find that employees may fail to demonstrate operation competence but are allowed to use the equipment anyway. And another item is failing to inspect the equipment before use. Typically, the lift will include a manufacturer’s inspection checklist. The checklist will most often include checking the man lift to boom knuckle bolts, hydraulic fluid level, hoses, and other critical features. We’ll cover man lifts in more detail in an upcoming post.

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