Safety Compliance

Workplace occupational health and safety (OHS) is a necessity. While the regulatory requirements are important, the basis for compliance should be the prudent and correct management of employee safety by the employer. That is to say, there must be compliance regardless of the degree of enforcement. While a safe and health workplace is an employee right, it is also a shared responsibility between the employee and employer. Best management of OHS is therefore best effective when seen as a joint mission – and a natural and mutually beneficial one at that. When effectively folded into company culture, the employer must implement a management system that is best suited to the work environment. For the system to become effective and accepted practice, it must be embraced fully by the organization. That means that all employees – from the highest ranking management member to the shop floor – must be held accountable. There is value in linking employee performance to occupational health and safety metrics. Just as with other performance standards, desired outcome is rewarded. Likewise, if any employee, manager, or division fails to meet corporate system goals and objectives, then there should be appropriate consequences.

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