Transportation – Vehicle Safety: Seat Belts

There are many safety aspects related to the operation of a commercial vehicles.  Do you require and/or allow employees to use their personal vehicles for company use? While we will cover more details in a later post, today’s topic is simply about seat belts. Do you require that all operators and passengers wear their seat belts? It is a fact that seat belts save lives. But people still don’t wear them and that decision is far is too often the last significant one they will make – because the outcome can be fatal. The best excuse we have heard from a driver for not buckling up was this: If they were in a wreck and knocked unconscious, how could they get out of the car if they were belted in! Staying in the vehicle in a wreck – especially a roll-over greatly increases the odds of survival. Buckle up! There will be more to follow on vehicle fleet operations in up-coming posts.

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