What Does Your Company Stand For?

If we polled every company in America, probably 98 percent would say that they believe in workplace safety. Another 90 percent would probably announce support of environmental protection. However, a surprising number of companies don’t assign those beliefs to a formal company mission statement or policy. And so those compliance issues may not have the sort of reliable support and needed visibility within the company needed to prevail. As a result, people’s motivations may differ and the result can be shaving the edges to the point that over time, your company may end up with significant exposures.

As we have noted in other posts, environmental, health and safety programs can provide a guiding message to the company only if supported from within – and that especially means from your management tier.  And there have to be repercussions for failing to meet internal goals or regulatory requirements. The best outlook is a positive one; reward desired behavior but don’t be afraid to notify people when they stray from desired behaviors.

Does your overarching company policy identify a belief in adhering to regulatory requirements?  Is that something that you wish to announce? If so, be certain that your company has the resources and time to meet expressed goals and obligations. A surprising number of companies don’t even state such goals – whether it on their web site or in stockholder reports. Yes, that disconnect is still there for some and frankly should send a warning chill to investors, customers and their stakeholders.

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