What Makes an EHS Program Successful?

Here are some more thoughts on the management of environmental, health and safety programs. Back in March, I mentioned that management approval and consistent support was a key to success (See also our post for 3-19-15). That’s a good start, but only a part of a successful program. Questions to ask yourself when examining and measuring the relative success of your management system:

  1. have you set realistic goals and objectives?
  2. what are your goals and objectives based on?
  3. are program elements concise, clear and easy to comprehend?
  4. have employees and managers been adequately trained on program elements?
  5. are employees and managers following program elements?
  6. are there defined consequences for not meeting desired program outcomes?
  7. are goals and objectives regularly reviewed along with progress and outcomes, and are those program elements made according to requirements and your business reality?

As a company, there are valuable success measures besides brand recognition and customer desire for your goods and services. You are only as good as your bottom line and longevity in the marketplace. Compliance problems can interfere with operations and can even bring undesired fiscal results and/or marketplace notoriety. That’s a fancy way of saying that not meeting regulatory and/or internal requirements can be costly.

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