Working With Regulatory Agencies

Some brief thoughts about your relationship with regulatory agencies. They are designed to administer environmental, health and safety regulations. Most often, your interactions will be with local (city and county) or possibly State agencies. Your job is to develop a good working relationship with your regulatory agency partners and that means treating your inspector courteously. However, as with any profession, regulatory inspectors come with all levels of proficiency. If you disagree with an inspector’s findings in the field or feel compelled to correct them it they are in error, be kind and patient and if need be, wait for an opportunity to express your position with their superior. No need to antagonize the inspector that you work with and probably will see for years to come. There may be times when you do not agree with one regulatory requirement or another, but don’t vent to the inspector or complain to the agency. If you feel strongly about changing a regulatory requirement, work with your legislators and perhaps an industry organization with a potent lobby resource. Laws can be changed but it takes time. Meanwhile, understand and abide by your regulatory requirements. Be forthright and do not attempt to conceal or mislead an inspector either for that behavior may come back to bite you.

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